Enine are a Russian band from a place called Vladimir which is just outside Moscow and have taken their name from the mystic river that runs through the Kamchatka peninsula where tales and legends form part of the region’s folklore that greatly influences the band’s music. Enine in the Koryak language means ‘fog’.

Their brand of progressive rock music explores the truths and mysteries of our world without reliance on physical evidence which in essence allows the band freedom to search and discover, transcending beyond barriers and borders, to create music that inspires and enthrals. They are guided by the spiritual north shaman with his moonlike tambourine, an alter ego that takes root in all the band members.

Although the music of Enine is influenecd by great bands such as The Doors, Genesis, Camel and the psychedelic blues atmosphere of Pink Floyd they are inspired by Nort-East Russian culture, with its peace, wisdom, and vastness of wild nature.


The members of Enine are no strangers to Russian progressive rock music. Guitarist Vladimir Mikhailov and keyboardist Ilya Frolov were former members of Algabas, releasing one album  called “Angels and Demons” on the MALS label. The album was warmly welcomed by critics in Europe, North and South America, Japan
and of course Russia.

Vladimir Mikhailov also collaborates with Ivan Rozmainsky, who is the lead musician of the St.Petersburg progressive rock group RosVitalis, to create music for the Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project. They have released two albums: a studio album, which was in the 2017’s “Music Union” top 25 albums and a live record from the Baboon ProgRock Festival in St.Petersburg and Vladimir.


In 2018 ArtBeat Music Label released the first Enine album called “The Great Silent” which was an instrumental homage to the great early 20th century silent films from Germany. The band performed the album live using film footage, creating a unique perspective for music fans.


Enine’s music is intended to be a solitary experience where the listener is transported to far away lands, alone and submerged in all things wonderful, a wilderness of beauty, magic and an endless landscape shaped by wind and rain.