The Great Silent – 2018


Record Details


Record Tracklist

  1. Welcome to the Monochrome -:-- / 0:59
  2. The Curse of Dr. Caligari -:-- / 4:01
  3. The Light of Metropolis -:-- / 3:54
  4. Workers -:-- / 5:54
  5. Frankenstein -:-- / 4:38
  6. Nosferatu (The Great Vampire) -:-- / 16:36
  7. Waiting for… -:-- / 6:18
  8. … the Colour -:-- / 0:44

In the beginning of 2018 ArtBeat Music Label released the first Enine album «The Great Silent». The whole music themes there are devoted to the German Silent films. The album emerged from the concerts. There were music, films and show, all connected to create something new with allure in it.

The shaman watches his dreams. What does he see? The man, powered by Destiny and Doom suffers from the intersection of his inner life and objective reality. He loves and betrays, dreams and is having idleness time, creates and destroys…

The concert atmosphere of playing for Silent Films, shaman stories in music were traced on the album. The magic tambourine helps the listener to discover the deformation of an environment and to capture the essence of things. This is the base of Enine music, the mean for the weird and painful journey to German Silent films’ world…

Vladimir Mikhailov – guitar
Ilya Frolov – keyboards
Vladimir Nikonov – drums, jaw harp
Vladimir Kosygin – bass, shamanic drum, voices
Stanislav Tregubov – flute, djembe

Music by Enine
Recorded and mixed be Eugene Peresedov at Studio Medium, Vladimir, June-December 2017

Band photography by Vladimir Nikonov, Stanislav Tregubov
In cover design used frames from Robert Wiene’s “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” (1920)

Design by Alexander Medvedev
Executive producer – Nickolay ‘BigNick’ Bogaychuk